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Cat Rescue In Albuquerque, Albuquerque Cat Rescue

Become A Foster

Cat Rescue in Albuquerque, Albuquerque Cat rescue

“Oh, I don’t think I could foster. I just couldn’t bear to part with any of them once I have their cute, fuzzy little bodies in my house/my arms/my life.”

This sentiment is a frequent response when we ask folks whether they would be willing to foster cats or kittens. It is an honest and valid statement. Because no matter how long you foster, or how many cats come and go through your loving arms and your wonderful home, there are always times when it is hard to part with a foster cat. But, for foster parents, the parting is bittersweet; bitter because it is a loss, which has to be dealt with, and sweet because the cat they so loved found a loving and permanent home.  Ultimately, without foster homes, many cats wouldn’t have the second, or third, chance that they deserve. So many cats already end up abandoned on the street, sick, hungry, homeless, or in shelters where their fates would be very uncertain. We try to help out by taking on some of these needy cats and taking them into our homes. Foster parenting cats is a commendable, worthwhile endeavor.  It is not without heartache, for some cats don’t make it.  It is not without work, because you have to give love, attention and care to your foster cat just as you would your own.  But, through it, you grow as a person, learning to let go when you have to, learning what your “specialty” is when it comes to cats, and getting the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to help your community, and to help innocent and needy cats.If you think that you could provide a foster home for a cat, please call 505-293-2830, email​, or complete and mail a foster parent application to F.A.T. Katz, P.O. Box 90394, ABQ, NM  87199-0394.  Someone will call or email you back to discuss foster parenting with you.  Usually foster families have to supply food for their foster cats as donations of food are in short supply.  Whenever food is available, F.A.T. Katz will be happy to supply you with some.  Any cat that you would be asked to foster will have already tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV.  All possible precautions are taken to ensure that cats placed into foster homes are healthy and do not have any communicable diseases.  However, it is possible that a cat will be a carrier of a parasite, disease or virus.  Foster families must agree not to hold F.A.T. Katz responsible for any illnesses brought into their home.

Download the foster application here​​.

An inside view from a foster and person committed to helping save lives, one at a time......

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